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28/01/2004 12:39pm
is it possible to import sent and received mails from my mozilla mail client?
Carlos Rocha
28/01/2004 2:32pm
I don't think so, but you can try this:
Carlos Rocha
28/01/2004 2:36pm
NO WAY.....
That works only for contacts, hehe
(sorry again, unintentional spam...)
28/01/2004 4:50pm
Hi there,

I use Opera as my browser and use the mail-client for sending short messages, for instance url's. I noticed that Opera stores the messages in a file with the extension .mbs (in the folder \Opera\Mail\storage) When I import this file in the same way as one can import the Unix MBOX mail (the file-format of f.i. Eudora), InScribe imports all the messages. Completely, correctly (I am still a little surprised ;-) The only small 'bug' is that there is displayed some kind of a 'counter' at the end of the message. I don't know which file-format Mozilla uses, but maybe it works the same way. If so, Scribe is even better than I thought it was.

Matthew, did you know about this? :-)
28/01/2004 5:39pm
I suspect that Mozilla uses MBOX, and so all the standard MBOX importing methods apply. However I havn't verified this yet.

I'm not surprised that Opera uses a "MBOX" like format for their mail. Many clients do and it's pretty much one of the main standards. But it's nice to know that Scribe can import Opera mail. (No I didn't know ;)