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Author/Date Reply flag set when it shouldn't be!?
29/01/2004 5:31pm
Possible bug....

Version: 1.86 (win32)

1) Choose 'reply' to a previously-not-replied-to message.
2) Close the reply window (cancel the reply).
3) Reply is now set.

I think that reply flags should only be changed when the message is actually sent.
The current behaviour is a little bit annoying :)

Scribe is by far the best mail client i've used! Lots of nice, simple features (color marking is my favorite)!
Keep up the good work and keep the footprint small :)

29/01/2004 5:37pm
This has been reported so many times I should put it in the FAQ.

Ok, once Scribe creates a reply to a message, there is no way for it to track the original message without introducing problems or changing the architecture.

Thus I set the reply flag immediately because otherwise I can't set it at all.

I plan to fix this when I change the mail folder format for v2.
30/01/2004 2:35am

I still like the program, tho :)