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Author/Date problem with autozip plugin
22/02/2004 9:27am
does this work with free i.scribe? i've associated the plugin with contacts, but attachments don't are zipped.

does it need other dll (for zipping)?

22/02/2004 6:41pm
The one DLL it needs comes with the download package. It's called zip32.dll (or something similar), which you might want to check that it's there next to the plugin dll.
29/02/2004 10:00pm
I have searched everyWhere & the zip32.dll was not found!
Where could I find it?
01/03/2004 1:19am
The plugin download should have it. But it probably doesn't which means my release script is broken (again).

I'll fix that when I get home tonight and post a new download for the aspell plugin. When that is done I'll post here about it and you can grab the whole thing.
01/03/2004 3:51am
The autozip plugin now includes the missing DLL so it should work if you download it and unpack in the scribe directory.
02/03/2004 4:53pm
i've copied both zip32 and autozip dll in the plugins directory (also the zip32 in iscribe dir) but still don't work for me. i've marked the contact to use the plugin and don't have extension restrictions.

any idea

02/03/2004 5:08pm
now works, but i've to update to ver 1.87 (Test 6) and copy the zip32.dll to the scribe dir.