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27/02/2004 10:09am
hi! I have a problem, whenever I try to download my email I receive only blank messages (blank body, sender, subject), what can I do to fix this?
27/02/2004 5:31pm
Are you using IMAP?

test3 and eariler had a problem with some IMAP servers that caused this sort of bug. It should be fixed in the latest test5 build though.
27/02/2004 8:56pm
i've tried test 5 and doesn't work either... about being an IMAP server or not... I don't know, but the thing is, it used to work... then I reinstaled windows (in a diferente partition) and it ceased to work... this probably is the reason, but I don't know why... nothing is read-only or anything....
01/03/2004 1:06am
So in your account settings what protocol is set in the receive options?
01/03/2004 1:12am
Oh I know, Scribe needs to be able to write to your temp directory (wherever that is). And this type of error is caused by a read only or missing temp directory. Depending on which version of OS you use the temp directory will be in a different place. So I can't help you furthur without knowing which OS your running.

But have a look at c:\windows\temp on win9x or c:\Documents And Settings\<username>\Local???\Temp on Win2k/XP etc. Or /tmp on Linux.
01/03/2004 9:57am
Yeah, I think I read about that in some other post, and I went and checked the temp directory (I have xp), the thing is, it has a "greyish" check sign in the read only box, that no matter how I try, I can't remove! (and inside the temp directory nothing really is read only, I can delete it all, even the temp folder!).... what can the problem be?
03/03/2004 7:35pm
anyway thanks for all the help you've been giving!
07/03/2004 6:14am
I don't know enough about window's setup to help you furthur. I think your onto the real cause of the problem, I just don't know how to help you furthur.
07/03/2004 9:25am
Many thanks! the problem is that I've tried everything but I really don't see how to solve it, I've been reading my email in server, anyway I'll keep trying, again, thanks!