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Old Bobby
27/02/2004 12:12pm
Can iScribe be used with my AOL mail? I am 75 years old and keep getting lots of spam mails. A lot of it is sexual in nature. I would like to stop this. I have tried setting up AOLs own filters but it stops good mail from my family, who stay in America and Australia, Sometimes I never recieve mails from them even though they have definately sent them. AOL said to turn their filters back off as this was what was causing the missing mails. If your program can be used could you tell this golden oldie how to set it up
27/02/2004 5:41pm
It doesn't seem like it can be done. There is a discussion of the reasons here. However I've heard rumours of a proxy tool that will interface a 3rd party client like Scribe with the AOL system. So maybe with a little research it's possible. Right now though my one and a half year old daughter is discovering a climbing castle in the back yard so I'm off to play with her.

I'll do a little more research into this problem later in the week.

28/02/2004 3:07pm
You may use an imap ( with your account name to see your folders in AOL.
I.scribe is not behaving well with this imap