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Carlos Rocha
28/02/2004 1:48pm
Hi Matthew,

Do I have any way to convert Scribe.ini to Scribe.r, or, even better, can Scribe look for "scribe.ini" if it doesn't find "Scribe.r" ?

I noticed that if I create the entry Win32-Folders=".\Scribe.mail2" in Scribe.ini, I can call Scribe.exe -oScribe.ini and the Scribe accepts Scribe.mail2 as the folders file, without questions, and put the full path in the entry "FolderMru.0". But I don't know how to write in a .R file :(

This is because I want to install Scribe with my App using a Setup Wizard, and fill some information in Scribe.ini, and also distribute Scribe.mail2 with a few enhancements. But is "too easy" to overwrite the .mail2 with the default in the first run.

01/03/2004 1:17am
How is it possible to overwrite the mail file?

I deliberately make it impossible to do that, at least through to user interface. It just refuses to CREATE a folder ontop of an existing file. Too many people complained about blowing away their folders by accident so I changed it so that you couldn't do it without going out into the file manager and deleting the folder file first.

So give me an example .INI file and explain how you overwrite the folders (user actions??) and I'll fix any problem with that if it exists.

I don't see the need for a .R/.INI converter yet.
Carlos Rocha
01/03/2004 9:28am
You are right. The mail file is not overwriten. And it's working fine now. Even the path to the .mail2 file is not "hard coded" in the ini file. My apologies for that. Maybe my mistake was because of the folder names in the MailBox (in my wizard I define 'Scribe.mail2' as the folder name with some special filled sub-groups in contacts, and when choosing a new folders file Scribe creates folders.mail2)

About creating the .R file from the .INI file, the advantage is that I wouldn't need to call Scribe with -o parameter to use some predefined stuff(like ISP, windows position...). And there is no need to write a converter, you could just "always" save the configuration to .R file. This would be an easy way to create Scribe.r :)

Sorry again