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01/03/2004 7:05am
Okay, so now, whenever I get a new e-mail, I get the new mail sound twice. There's a slight delay between the two, it seems like it's playing it before and then after processing filters. Any ideas?
01/03/2004 7:08am
Forgot to mention, I'm using test5 here.
01/03/2004 5:51pm
Yeah I don't think I actually got around to fixing up the new mail alert stuff for the last 2 releases.

The current state of play is that the new mail is collected in a list and then several seconds after it's downloaded an action looks at the list and does the new mail sound and notification dialog stuff. The reason for the delay is that some filter actions can remove the mail from the new list so they need time to run before you can process the new mail list, othewise the incorrect mail would appear in the new mail list.

Anyway looks like it still needs some work.
07/03/2004 6:11am
It's not fixed in test7 either. But I havn't forgotten. :(