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01/03/2004 11:39am
I am attempting to convert Outlook messages to MBOX format for import into Scribe. The conversion program (a shareware program) writes a typical DATE header as:

Date: Wed Feb 11 10:28:28 2004

rather than

Date: Wed, Feb 11 2004 10:28:28

Scribe displays the Date Sent as 0/0/2010 (reading the hour as the year).

Some other email programs can recognize both date formats. Does Scribe have an option that could recognize both?
01/03/2004 10:47pm
This is fixed for the next release.
02/03/2004 8:59am
Thank you. I'm surprised that the conversion program is changing the date header.

Back to a common complaint: why can't Microsoft better support industry-wide standards, so that I can handle my data the way that I want