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01/03/2004 7:21pm
I am requesting another feature:

It would be nice to have a filter action "Delete on Server" ! Any comment on this would be grately appreciated.

Thank You!
01/03/2004 8:16pm

The next version will include a optional parameter to the existing "Delete" action to allow to to delete locally and/or on the server. The delete on server action is done next time the client connects to the server.
06/03/2004 3:05am
I tested "Test7"!
It does not delete on server even the next time the client connects to the server.
Am I doing something wrong?
Could somebody test it and let me know!
06/03/2004 4:47am
You have to set the argument on the delete filter action for it to delete off the server. Click the "..." button on the delete action and it'll all make sense.
07/03/2004 6:06pm
I tried that!
It still does not work!

MayBe because: In the account properties I have selected the "Leave messages on server" option.
07/03/2004 9:57pm
I think this is a related bug, in that the filter code can't map the "to" field back to the account used to receive the email. This probably works in InScribe but may be broken in i.Scribe.

I'll look at this in the next few days.
17/03/2004 3:27am
After trying the latest "Test8" for i.Scribe, I found that the "Delete on Server" is not yet a success.
17/03/2004 6:29pm
Test8 was to fix one crash, no more no less.

The delete on server thing is still on my todo list.
05/06/2005 4:25pm
newbye here, looking for an alternative to my current email client, who's no longer developed because his author's health condition.
One question. One of the main features I am looking for in an email client is "delete from server without downloading". In i.Scribe - if I have configured it correctly - it seems I can download a message locally, on the server, or both, but I don't see an option to prevent downloading. Is it really missing, or it's me who simply doesn't find it?
Thanks in advance for the answer.
05/06/2005 10:01pm
You can delete from the server without downloading with the account preview tool, but that is a manual process initiated by the user. Filters can also delete messages on the server, but they something to trigger on so you have to download the message.

If this doesn't help you'll have to describe what you want in more detail.
06/06/2005 11:51am
What I'm looking for is an automatic delete at the download stage. IF THEN . Because Scribe already has access to preview on the server, it should not be difficult to add this feature. Maybe it's already there but I don't find it. If it's not yet implemented, please consider it for the next feature. A filter like this avoids downloading spam, viruses etc., saving also a lot of bandwith!
Thanks in advance.