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Author/Date .ini file format
01/03/2004 10:45pm
I like to state the location of the .r and .mail2 and other files in an .ini file.
I am planning to use .ini file instead of using .bat files.
But I do not know the format that the .ini file has to follow!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
01/03/2004 10:54pm
Start scribe like this:
scribe[.exe] -oOptions.ini

And it will create a ini file to store it's options in. Once you set the various servers and usernames in the accounts UI the various parameters will show up in the options file and you'll see the format. After that you can edit it away to your hearts content and the changes will show up in Scribe when you start it next.

Don't edit the file while Scribe is running through because it'll overwrite it on exit.
Carlos Rocha
02/03/2004 3:28pm
But you must call Scribe everytime with the same -oOptions.ini to use them.
02/03/2004 6:01pm
Would it be better if Scribe looked for scribe.ini and failing that looked for scribe.r

Carlos Rocha
02/03/2004 7:26pm
I really like your way :)