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Author/Date PC reboots when using CTRL+Enter to send +autozip
05/03/2004 11:23am
I have a problem that occurs intermittently with scribe, but seems to be happening with increasing frequency.
If I compose or reply to a message, and press CTRL+Enter to save, it reboots my PC completley. It doesn't seem to happen if I use the send button. I realise not a major problem as I can use send, but sometimes I get forgetful and go into my old Outlook ways and use the send shortcut. Just thought it might be something you might want to look at.

Also the autozip utility doesn't seem to work, though I read in your forum that someone had found a fix in your latest beta version. Which version of scribe should I use to get this utility running?

BTW absolutley great email client, I love it and have been trying to convert others to this great piece of software. Keep up the great work.
05/03/2004 4:30pm
Reboot: Scribe shouldn't be able to reboot a machine. Are you using Win9x/ME? If so please try test7 if you havn't already. As I think I may have fixed a bug that only manifests in '9x/ME.

Autozip: Try downloading the latest version of the plugin. It's got a missing DLL that you'll need. Works with test6/test7, but seeing as the bug fix I mentioned above is in test7 you may as well grab that.
05/03/2004 7:31pm
I honestley don't believe it's your superb software that's causing a reboot; I guess my post was more of a 'has anyone seen this before'. I reckon it could be a tcpip problem. I'm running w2k btw.
As I say it's not a problem really for me, and if I find out the cause I'll let you know, but again let me repeat I donn't think it's the software, but your run of the mill MS bug manifesting itself.

I'll try the new zip download.
18/03/2004 6:13am
I found the problem and absolutley nothing to do with your software - it's my dlink wireless card: it's a highlighted issue here.

Finaly able to figure it out after getting a blue screen of death