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Carlos Rocha
05/03/2004 1:37pm
I added a new contact. Then, everytime I create a new message, the new contact appears always in the recipients. Even if I create a new message for another person, this contact appears in the list. And it happens if the message is created by any of the possible means.
I compacted the folders and didnt resolve.
This happens in Test 6 and Test 7 (WinXP)
05/03/2004 4:27pm
This is probably because you have "Populate recipients from clipboard" switched on and you have an email address in the clipboard. The option is in the general tab.
Carlos Rocha
05/03/2004 5:13pm
I'm ashamed. Don't tell anybody :)
10/03/2004 3:09pm
hehe... this same thing just happened to me and we'll keep it quiet. :)