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08/03/2004 9:57pm
Does anyone visiting here have experience with running InScribe or Scribe on a USB Flash Drive?

I thing Scribe would be a good match for a Flash Drive since it loads and runs fast and with a capacity of 256MB would allow for a lot of portable email.

09/03/2004 2:23am
Yes, I use scribe on a flash drive and it works fine!
09/03/2004 8:27am

I have been running InScribe on a 256MB USB drive for around 8 months now. Only issue I had was moving to different computers and the drive letter changing, but I worked around that by creating duplicate directories on the drive and I choose which one based on my drive letter. (I have one called E-Scribe and the other called F-Scribe) But I store my actual mail in the "E-Scribe" folder, and I point to that folder if my drive mapped as "F". I did sort of the same thing for when I'm on Linux.

Otherwise I haven't had any problems at all, it works great on a USB drive.

09/03/2004 11:49am
No problems here either - just the opposite. In.Scribe has greatly simplified keeping track of my email by letting me keep everything on the usb drive.

The drive letter doesn't seem to be a problem - on my laptop it's F, on the family behemoth it's H, but everything works in the same way. I have just the one folder with the program and the mail (and I keep backing up the mail elsewhere on the USB drive and a hard drive).

10/03/2004 11:31am
Thanks everyone for the comments! My new copy of InScribe is running just fine on my 256MB Flash Drive.