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Author/Date Error Sending Email
09/03/2004 2:53pm
This looks like a great program. I am able to receive email, but cannot send it. When I try to send a message, the following box pops up: "Couldn't open a connection to the server." Also, the status light is green when I click send. I checked the error log and the following message is in there: "SocketError(10061): Connection refused." Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks.
09/03/2004 5:47pm
Thats an error message from windows saying that it couldn't connect to the server.

There are several possible reasons for this:
1) The server is temporarily unavailable (ping the host?)
2) The server is incorrectly configured in Scribe (check your settings)
3) Your not connected to the network (dialup? ping the machine?)

I don't think this error isn't Scribe's fault.