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Author/Date Can't forward with attachments (Test 7)
Carlos Rocha
09/03/2004 10:46pm

I couldn't forward a message with attachments. The soluction was drag the received message to outbox. Tried everything else.

(XP Pro, Test 7)
09/03/2004 11:03pm
So you select the message, click forward and then?
Carlos Rocha
10/03/2004 1:40am
The message to forward have no attachments, and no sender (from field).
Another thing I found: with language set to 'auto', a small dialog appears, just with the caption 'Dialog'
10/03/2004 5:08am
That sounds like you have reply and forward mixed up.

When you forward there is no recipient by default.

When you reply no attachments are copied to the new email.
Carlos Rocha
10/03/2004 10:18am
Anything I can do?
Carlos Rocha
10/03/2004 4:33pm
I went back to Test 6 and it works fine:
A Dialog asks me if I want to forward attachments too - in english :(

10/03/2004 6:08pm
Well I'm testing it at this end and havn't seen anything unexpected.

The translation entry for the forward attachments question is IDS_ASK_FORWARD_ATTACHMENTS. So if you find that in the lr8 file you should be able to translate it into your language.
Carlos Rocha
17/03/2004 6:58pm
Installed Test8, and I can't forward with attachments again. Scribe doesn't ask me if I "want to send attachments too".
Back to Test6 again (works fine).
17/03/2004 7:13pm
From test8 - Scribe.lr8, line 9139:
<string Ref=991 Cid=991 Define="IDS_ASK_FORWARD_ATTACHMENTS"
    en="Do you want to forward the attached file(s) as well?">