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11/03/2004 7:29am

Have you considered sending messages to BetaNews and MajorGeeks whenever you have a new test build of Scribe available? Both sites announce new releases and it would get a lot more traffic headed your way and help promote my new favorite email program. :)

11/03/2004 5:46pm
I'm already going to go over my bandwidth limit this month. So right now extra traffic is not welcome.

I've been rewritting the index and scribe pages to bring their size down. You may have noticed a lot of images are gone from the index.

Anyway it looks like I'll be upgrading my bandwidth again :(

Tell then I'll lay low I think.
11/03/2004 9:42pm
Makes sense... :)
Carlos Rocha
13/03/2004 10:53am
As you know, I have lots of space and bandwidth in the same hosting, and you can use it. I can create a subdomain where you can store data (images, .exe, ...). Just let me know.