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11/03/2004 6:23pm
Is there any way to access the email server through a firewall using scribe?
11/03/2004 6:30pm
SSL tunneling. Or a socks5 proxy.
11/03/2004 7:21pm
I am using the latest "Test7"
I added the SSL plugin and enabled it for the account.
I went to preview, and it does not list any email when there are emails on the server.
I checked the Log tab and there is no entry there.

I would greatly appreciate any comment about this.
16/03/2004 6:36pm
I got the following error in the Log Entry:
SocketError(10051): Network is unreachable.
16/03/2004 6:53pm
Opps I meant to say "SSH tunnelling".

SSH tunnelling means using a 3rd party software to map an outgoing port through a firewall that allows SSH, to a server that then maps the port back to some local service. In this case mail.

I personally have never used such a setup, but I've seen it done.

Sorry for sending you up the wrong track.

There is another way, which I use. But it requires the mail server to have a PHP script on it. Which converts the POP commands to HTTP. Scribe can then read the mailbox over HTTP instead of POP, which works through most proxies. Generally the only time you can put a PHP script on a mail server is when it's your own website.
16/03/2004 7:19pm
Could somebody please let me know where I can download a plugin for "SSH tunnelling" to use with Scribe
16/03/2004 7:26pm
Firstly, does your firewall support SSH connections?
17/03/2004 3:20am
I do not know whether the firewall supports SSH connections!
I am using a public computer and I do have access to the internet with a username & password.
After entering the password, I tried connecting to the email server through Scribe: I got the "Network is unreachable" error.
Which solution would you recommend?
09/04/2004 4:49pm
First of all.. GReaT SoFT !!

A non-Informatic friend of mine has upgraded from i.Scribe to InScribe; Now the 'Preview' option doesn't work. I'm his Informatic friend so I want help him..

He has Windows XP PRO with Kerio Personal Firewall v4.0.10 installed by me and connects via DialUp.

When you run i.Scribe and press 'Preview'; the Firewall detects the Outgoing connection and if you permit it, 'Preview' works and you can see de head messages and size in the server without downloading them.


When you run InScribe and press 'Preview'; the Firewall DOESN'T detect ANYTHING. You can press 'Refresh' buttom all times you want that Nothing happens. No errors, No hangs, No messages list,.. Nothing. But if you press 'Receive Mails' ALL WORKS!!. (I have not run i.Scribe and InScribe simoultaneously)

Both have the same settings.

I have no logic explanation.
Please, Help.

Sorry for the bad english.
Thanks in advance.

10/04/2004 7:27am
Hi again,

Sorry. It was as simple as deleting the 'blank' account. (Could be a bug?)

Now All works.