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Author/Date Filter or Script to automatically save attachments to disk?
12/03/2004 12:40pm
Hi Everyone,

started to check out scribe and am really impressed. I was looking for a new email program, because I need to automatically save attachments from recieved mail to disk/hdd/directory. Even better if I am able to specify WHICH attachments I am saving automatically. (All attachments I REALLY need to save to disk have the same extension, which is *.asg) I thought I could do that with the filter in scribe ( IF mail.attachmentnames = *.asg then Action) The problem is that there is no action to save the attachment. Can this be done in some way or the other? Scripting? Plug-In?

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance for your postings.


31/03/2004 1:07am
I've added a new filter action called "Save Attachment(s)" which takes a directory and a file pattern (e.g. "*.gif *.png") as arguments. This should solve your problem.

07/04/2004 3:58am
Wow. Thanks alot. Will try that asap. Great program. I will let you know if there are any bugs, etc. with the feature.

Best regards,
13/04/2004 3:40am

Tried the test version. It works like a charm. It saves the attachment to disk, I also configured it to afterwards delete the attachment from the mail. Blazing fast and no problems so far.

The current release (Test9) crashed once on me, when I wanted to shut it down while it wanted to connect to the SMTP server. Hitting KILL didn't help. Afterwards I was not able to maximize i.scribe from the system tray an when the system was shutting down it had to kill the task because it was not responding. Since this only happend once, and I was not able to reproduce this behavior I guess we can blame some redmon based software company :-)