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Author/Date sending HTML mails (No editing)
17/03/2004 2:22am
I read in this forum (12/10/2003) that sending of HTML mails was on the todo list. Is it possible jet? I do not want to edit the mail in scribe only to send it. If it is not possible, is there a work around?
17/03/2004 6:28pm
There is a work around, but you need to know far too much about MIME. So only someone that knows how to put a MIME message together by hand could do it.

I'm still planning to allow you to send a HTML file as the mail. Which is what you want. I'm just too busy at the moment to do it.
18/03/2004 11:00am
Sounds like I just attach files in the mean time :)
Thanks anyway
09/08/2004 10:06am
Just downloaded iscribe! VERY impressed by speed and ease of operation.
Can I add my voice to the demand for sending html. I want to keep html templates and launch emails that way