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10/05/2002 12:12pm
I see there are a few web-based mail services out there
now to crack down on spam by storing a seperate local list of known friendly addresses. If an e-mail comes in from a friendly, it automaticall goes to the inbox. If an e-mail comes in from an unkown, it goes to a temporary folder. Automatically a mail is generated and sent to the sender asking for verification (something like: We received your mail but you're not in the address book. Please verify your intention to contact X). This e-mail requires an action on behalf of the sender (like reply for instance), and once that action is confirmed, the senders e-mail address is added to the friendly list, and their mail is moved from the temporary folder to the inbox. Does that make sense? Can something like this be implemented as a plugin or option in InScribe?
10/05/2002 9:09pm
Yes, it's quite possible to write it as a new option in a filter or as a plugin. I've already written and tested a plugin that filters emails out from a given sender to a separate folder. I'm not likely to do this anytime soon, because I have so much to do already. Think Linux