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13/06/2004 4:13pm

I have just made a print of a mail and the result is that the right margin is cuting of 1 or 2 char. (and also printing half char.)

I have triede to change font and size, used different mails, but the problem is the same. No printing problems with other apps.

I'm jusing the new i.scribe ver. 1.87test15

13/06/2004 7:21pm
This is a known bug, and it's on my list of things to fix but I've been working on higher priority things the last few weeks. Most of which I think have been fixed.

So chances are I can look at this soon.
14/06/2004 4:52am
Okay, thank's :)
24/07/2004 10:07am
Any news on this issue. I need my printing so badly...