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13/06/2004 10:03pm
im not sure if this has been discussed before, but im looking for a feature they have in many other email clients that i cant seem to find here. having this would make iscribe my office email client.

right now i have it set to leave messages on server just in case i lose everything and also because i use webmail access to my email @ work, and normally with other programs, if i delete an email from my trash, it will tell the server to delete it too. however iscribe deletes from trash and leaves it on the server. i have to bring up the server preview window to delete it then.

is there any way to set iscribe to leave on server but delete from server when i delete the message from iscribe and then empty trash? because if i kill it in iscribe i sure dont need an extra copy lying around.

if there is a filter that does this, please let me know what it is because im not very good with that feature

thanks in advance
14/06/2004 8:50pm
The whole leave on server feature needs to be expanded to allow a lot of other options (i.e. delete after 'n' days). But it's a fair way down the priority list right now. Nevertheless it's on my todo.
14/06/2004 9:52pm
I'm learning my way around Scribe but I'm finding another hill to climb with the preview feature. It seems like it wants to be a preview like say PopTray where you view your mail on the server before you download and you can mark for spam, delete or download from there.

In the Scribe Preview if you check the download box and click OK, the window simply closes and nothing else happens. You still have to click receive in the main client window to download your mail. Once you click "OK" the mail should download - one step.

Same for the Delete. I've tried deleting mail in the preview window only to come back later in the day, click Preview and find the same deleted ones still on the server. (Odd).

I've tried checking and unchecking Leave Mail on Server in the Acct Properties set up but it still reacts the same way. As I've hinted above, I'd rather see the Spam and download or delete features fully functioning in the Preview window instead of the main client window.

Also, I like the bounce feature. Many that I've seen automatically load the return path when you click "Bounce". Scribe doesn't do this - or will it soon? OR have I missed the help file on this?

This program is one of the best e mails I've used - and I'm OLD! Still some mysteries, though. And, hey Matt, do you take donations? Thanks.
14/06/2004 10:07pm
Preview delete/download: I think something may have recently broken. It's supposed to connect to the server and action the selected downloads and deletes immediately after you click "Ok". This is working with my current build (on my machine in Linux). But I'll test it again on Windows when I get the chance.

Bounce: The bounce feature is so new it's just implementation bugs. I still havn't ironed out all the quirks yet. I'll look into it.

Donate: I have a paypal account setup with my fret a_t address. If you donate $20usd or more then thats equivilant to buying InScribe, the full featured version of i.Scribe.
15/06/2004 10:11pm
Thanks Matt,

Had a MAJOR crash of iScribe tonight - after upgrading to build 15 last evening. Downloaded 2 e mails from a friend, double clicked to open, then got this: "Crash Mail: : OnMouseClick()left/doubleclick". Then I tried to e mail you and when I clicked on New Mail, the program just crashed. I tried to copy the error message with a screen capture program I have, but that crashed, too -i Scibe was still open and running in the background. I'll try to get a pic of the error message and post it along.

The deletion from the Preview Viewer worked tonight!
15/06/2004 10:14pm
I just fixed something that sounds related to what you describe.

I'll post you a test build tonight with a fix, and you can let me know if it's good by post a reply here.
27/06/2004 10:31am
I am using the Windows version, and still can't get my mail deleted from the server. I believe that, delete off server is an important feature because it would let me delete files that are very large especially from a dialup account, and delete suspected viruses from the mail server. Your program is great because I can carry it with me where ever I go. But I like to leave files on my mail server to access it anywhere. Last month while I was on the road I used a hotel computer to cleanup my pop3 account. The boss was sending important stuff. I am now getting a minimum of 3 virus infected email every day in my inbox, and they are legitimate addresses of people I was communicating to.
I would like to use my own secure client (scribe) and zap any suspicious messages.
28/06/2004 7:58pm
jcrow60: What does the server log (see the status panel) show when you delete using the preview account function?