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09/07/2004 5:35am
Hi there! Great program, but Im having a problem with setting permissions on directories. I'm trying to set write permissions on a directory for group and global to enable a PHP script to create files. setting them appears to work but on going back to check the new ticks have vanished! I can set these permissions OK with another FTP program.

The server is Linux and I am using i.Ftp 1.60 on Windows 98. (I tried 1.7 but my menus went black - a problem I see has been experienced elsewhere)
11/07/2004 8:22pm
I checked this with my ftp server and it's working for me.

Do you want to provide login details for a server it DOESN'T work with? (by email obviously if it's private)
22/08/2004 7:32pm
Email with details of a site to test just sent. Sorry for long delay.
25/08/2004 8:29am
Ok I've made a fix in the source for this.

I think I missed the point about it being a directory as opposed to a file.