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Author/Date Exporting folders.mail2 to mbox does not retain date..
17/05/2002 2:56am
I backup my mail folders to an imap sever on my network and am having problems with the export (to mbox) feature in iscribe. When I export folders to mbox, the date and time is incorrect on the messags, many appear to have the same date and/or an incorrect date. Is there something I am missing? When i view the mbox file, the headers in the messages still say the correct sent date.
17/05/2002 3:01am
I'll have to check it out, since I remember we had that kind of problems in 1.20/1.30 versions and fReT successfully solved them.
24/07/2002 3:53am
I'm experiencing the same problem (with i.scribe 1.68 and 1.69): when I export my "sent" folder in mbox format all messages gets the following fields:


24/07/2002 3:58am
Sorry... text between angle brackets seems to be discarded...

From: my_e-mail_address a_wrong_date
Date: export_command_date

the wrong date in From field changes for each message but it's not the same reported in i.Scribe date column, the date field is the same for each message in the mbox file
24/07/2002 8:30pm
I've fixed the date in the from line of the MBOX export.

But the date in the headers of the message appears to be the correct sent date. Unless your exporting messages you've created yourself and there is no sent date. And I think then it uses the current date for lack of anything better to use.
24/07/2002 8:32pm
Oh and about the brackets, I allow HTML in these forums so that people can instead pictures and links. So the brackets we're assumed to be a HTML tag... which obviously isn't recognised.

If you want to write literal brackets use:
25/07/2002 3:33am
Thank you ^_^