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23/05/2002 1:00am
Coukld we please have Scribe open a NEW IE window when opening URLs contained in email? Now it just uses the last open one... which is, er, opened for a reason most of the time.

Is it also possible to get a default action (i.e. open in browser:-) ) for simply clicking on a URL?


23/05/2002 11:14pm
I don't know how to get IE to open a new window. All I'm doing is give the URL to windows to execute. It then decides that IE is the default browser and passes it on. You can select to have new URL's not reuse windows in IE's options.

As for a default action on single click, that can't work (at least in edit mode) because people use single click to put the cursor at that location in the text to start editing. Maybe it could work in read-only mode though.
24/05/2002 4:24pm
This is just verified in IE6, IE 5.5, and IE 5 since that's all I have handy. Go into your Internet Options by whatever method (Control Panel -> Internet Options, Tools -> Internet Options from within a browser window, etc.) and go to the Advanced Tab. Uncheck "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts". Now everytime you launch a new link, you should get another browser window.