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Author/Date An i.scribe newbie and his problems.
23/05/2002 1:28pm
I just licensed Inscribe after using i.scribe for some time. Does anybody know how to set a different language in i.scribe?

Currently there's only one thing about i.scribe I don't like. (as for almost all other mail clients :-)
i.scribe has only fixed fields for contact data.
The eMail field and all fields under contact should be available in a list. This way it would be possible to define more than one mail addresses or phone numbers for one person.

Also it would be great if we had the option to display/edit the contacts or the calender in the same place the preview window is displayed.
23/05/2002 9:01pm
To override the langauage use the -i command line option. By default it will use the language defined in the control panel.

If every field in the contact window was a list it would be too difficult to use. For instance, if some plugin wants the mobile number of a contact then it has to search through a list of numbers and give options to the user. This doesn't work for me. I can see the point in having multiple named email's, but not lists for the other fields. Even that introduces a lot of unwanted complexity. For the most part I define 2 contacts for work / home etc.

Click on a contact and you do get some basic information in the preview pane. But why editing? Thats what the contact window is for, otherwise I'd just be duplicating code to allow editing in the preview pane. This feature doesn't make sense. Displaying info about calendar entries is just a matter of time. I'll get around to it.