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Michiel van Es
27/05/2002 9:48am
As fas as I know there is only Xwindows for the graphical side of Linux.
For the different desktops there are:

I am really interested in testing an Iscribe version for Linux..'cause i'm switching to Linux so I can not use Iscribe anymore :-(

Letme know how everything is evolving!


27/05/2002 6:19pm
I'm working through some bugs in the threading at the moment, and after that I've got some work still to do on the sockets but it's getting there.
28/05/2002 7:19am
I'm also slowly but surely abandoning Windows for Linux to the extent possible, and having i.Scribe both at work and at home even though the OS are different would be godsent. I'll eagerly follow it's development, hope it comes out equally good as the BeOS version was.
02/06/2002 12:02pm
I am now totally switched to Linux.
So if Iscribe once can be ported to Linux..I am very happy :-)
But Kmail is also a great mailclient with extensive filter options.
But Iscribe looks more nice and easier..

03/06/2002 4:10am
Theres some recent progress.