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David P.
02/11/2004 6:19am
Is it possible to download older versions of I.Ftp for Windows? I've been using version 1.53 but it won't remember passwords for more than 2 accounts. I downloaded both 1.83 and 1.84 but neither will run on my machine. I receive error messages as follow:

"The FTP.EXE file is
linked to missing export LGINET.DLL . . ."


"D:\Program Files\iftp\Ftp.exe
A device attached to the system is not functioning."

For what it's worth, I'm running Windows ME on a 900 Hz Duron system with 256MB memory. I'd like to find a version that strikes a happy medium between 1.53 and 1.84.

David P.
02/11/2004 6:31am
It seems you havn't unpacked all the files from the distribution zip file. LgiNet.dll is in that zip file you downloaded for v1.85, you need to get that and put it in the same directory as iftp.exe
David P.
02/11/2004 6:14pm
I found the problem. It turns out the executable in version 1.53 is named ftp.exe while the executable in 1.83/4 is named iftp.exe. I didn't know I needed to change the shortcut properties so the old version was still trying to run but with the wrong .dll's. Thanks anyway.
02/11/2004 10:08pm
I changed the name because the windows command line ftp program is called 'ftp.exe'.