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18/12/2004 11:36pm
Does anyone know how I can edit the language file (if there is any) so I can change the wrong parts with the correct ones (Inbox, Contacts)? Vullis for example has to be Vuilnis or Prullenbak (Preferably the last one).


PS: I can send the modified files to the author so that other users can download those files.
Carlos Rocha
19/12/2004 1:26am
Just download LgiRes (the link is on the main page), open Scribe.lr8 in it, and change what you want
19/12/2004 9:24am
Thanks. I'm correcting the mistakes now.
19/12/2004 9:45am
LgiRes crashes quite often... I had to start over several times. Does this happen with others aswell?
Carlos Rocha
19/12/2004 8:11pm
It works fine here. I run it from a sub-directory inside scribe's root, e.g. C:\Scribe\LgiRes