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22/12/2004 7:05pm
how can i make a folder with the name birthday and remind me every year?
I know, i can put it in the folder calendar but i have no idea what can i do to remind me every year.
22/12/2004 8:54pm
Each calendar event has a reminder check box does it not?
22/12/2004 9:02pm
Yes he have a reminder check box. But i think he remind me on the select time but not in the future at every year.
22/12/2004 9:43pm
Sounds like a request for repeating events.
Robert Bleeker
23/12/2004 12:08am
yes, re-occuring events. Has been requested before. Is already on the to-do list...right Matthew ;-)
23/12/2004 4:19pm
Thats a nice info, i what for this future, thanks