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Author/Date SSL via StartTLS over Port 25 ?
29/12/2004 9:16pm
Hi Fret and all

SMTP (sending email) with SSL does not work with my provider.
POP works fine.

The log-messages are:
Connected to ''
Connection closed.

A windows pops up an says: "Was not able to connect to server. Error message: '(in German)

That it was.
I wonder why the program uses port 25, also when I give no special Port.
When I give Port 25 or 465 it doesn't work, too.
And I wonder why the log doesn't say 'using SSL' as it does when receiving mail.

Is there any suggestion ?

Many greetings
29/12/2004 11:40pm
Have you switched SSL on in the connection tab of the account properties?
30/12/2004 1:51am
scripe uses port 25 but don't uses SSL it seems
07/01/2005 5:51pm

to make it clear:
SSL is chosen to be switched on in my scribe-program, but it seems, that scribe can't use SSL/TLS.
I'm interested in it being a bug or if I make something wrong.
It is not important, because up to now I have used no SSL.
Can you help me ?

Many Greetings