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14/03/2005 7:44pm

how do I get my complete Outlook.PST folder into InScribe. It's got a lot of sub folders and it is now more than 200 MB large. When I go for Extras -> Import -> Outlook (MAPI) -> Emails it takes just a number of the mails over. A lot of are missing .... most are. But to me it is not clear which ones. The next question is: can I say from which file/folder the outlook.pst should be importet into Scribe. Can I select an already backuped Outlook.PST file not being in the UserSettings/... folder ??
Where does Scribe import the data from ?? Just the standard User default Outlook folder ?

15/03/2005 7:09am
I've rewritten the import/export code since the last release, and I expect it'll work better. Or at least be able to be debugged better.

I suggest you wait for that release and try again.
15/03/2005 5:06pm
Great. Waiting for the new release now.