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18/03/2005 1:33pm
Hi fret, I'm suddenly beginning to receive loads of cookies while on the forum - this never happened before - Mozilla Firefox + cookieculler
18/03/2005 8:29pm
It must be the google adverts on the side... I havn't changed anything... what sort of cookies / content are they?
19/03/2005 3:41pm
well now that I have told Cookieculler to no longer accept cookies from the site, I can't tell you what they are/were. I'll try to change the settings and get back to you if it happens again - I imagine that that they are from the google ads.
21/03/2005 5:57pm
here's one :
21/03/2005 8:35pm
This must be coming through via the ad's served up by google. Is it a problem? I don't know if I could do anything about it anyway.