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Maciek G
19/05/2005 8:12pm
Yesterday my sister noticed that when she clicks any link with mailto: protocol, Scribe opens, showing my (her bother's) folders and settings.
I tried to change her default mail application, but without a success. After some googling I found out that in win2k, the default mail application is set per machine, not per user (this is ridiculous!).
So I tried to set Scribe for her independently of my settings. And I found out that it is also impossible :]
Well, my question is: is it actually impossible? Even in the commercial version? I know that it can manage multiple mail accounts, but what about system user profiles?
Is the scribe.r file always read from the same dir as the executable?
Or can I set her default mail app anyhow independently?

19/05/2005 11:30pm
I have the exact same problem at home, and so far I've just set up shortcuts to the different installs. The mailto links only work for one of the installs.

I've been thinking about this on and off and maybe something stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER would smooth things over. Basically what I'm thinking is that in say HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Memecode\Scribe there would be a pointer to the current user's options file. So you have one install of Scribe and 2 directories with different options files and different mail folders. Well that is the current logic, but it does start to rely on the registry a bit more. Which I don't like. Maybe I should look into using the Application Data folder to store settings and mail. But that breaks the "one folder contains everything" design that makes uninstall and backup so easy.

Anyway it's something I plan to fix in the nearish future.
Maciek G
20/05/2005 9:23am
I'm also not the fan of Windows registry.
If I wrote the code, I would use something like %USERPROFILE% dir for holding user's config -- scribe.r and maybe folders. There are some API functions to get user's dir, but I don't remember them, and I now I'm sitting on a linux box.
The "one folder contains everything" method is, I suppose, not very efficient on current multiuser systems, od course if you mean holding config in exec's dir. But I think you know it, as there is a version running on linux... (never tried it).