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Author/Date suggestion: customizing folder list
24/05/2005 10:28am
the ability to re-order the way the folders are displayed. for example if i want my calendar to be at the top, and my trash to be at the very bottom. also to be able to remove items from the list if we groups or filters. they'd still be accessible via the buttons/menus, but they don't really NEED to be on the sidebar with the folders IMHO, so i'd like to be able to remove them from there.
24/05/2005 10:54am
ok..found you can remove items from the list by changing hte options under 'set sub-folder locations'..and then just leaving a particular field the 'removing' part is taken care of..but how about the re-ordering?
24/05/2005 11:01am
disregard this post. I figured out that 'next folder' actually means 'insert folder here'. functionality is fine..but labeling could be more clear :)
24/05/2005 11:24am
Update (again...): when i close the program, and reopen it, it automaticlaly makes a new folder for whichever one i 'turned off' (by clearing the folder location in Options). It also asks me if I want to make a new calendar folder. It also doesn't seem to remember the order i had the folders in before I closed it the previous time.
24/05/2005 12:47pm
I could let blank sub-folders be. But at the moment it may cause the application to crash. So I'd have to do some serious testing.