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Author/Date bug: layout changing
24/05/2005 10:35am
when i change layouts, the program all but still responds (the menus are fine)..but the layout never comes back. somewhere in the process of re-aligning something goes wrong and tie folders/list/messagebody views never refresh or regain useability.
24/05/2005 10:37am
Here's the Crash data (popped up when i closed the application, and was saved to a text file)

Unhandled Exception
Code: c0000005

Call stack:
1001BF96: C:\Adam\utils\inscribe\Lgi.dll Offset: 0x35 (GView::MoveOnScreen)
0040BB49: C:\Adam\utils\inscribe\Scribe.exe Offset: 0x320 (ScribeWnd::OnTrayClick)
10018D04: C:\Adam\utils\inscribe\Lgi.dll Offset: 0xCA (GTrayIcon::OnEvent)
0040BBF5: C:\Adam\utils\inscribe\Scribe.exe Offset: 0x25 (ScribeWnd::OnEvent)
10018FE5: C:\Adam\utils\inscribe\Lgi.dll Offset: 0x4D (GWin32Class::Redir)
77D48734: C:\WINDOWS\system32\USER32.dll Offset: 0x6D (GetDC)
7C90EAE3: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdll.dll Offset: 0x13 (KiUserCallbackDispatcher)
10016D45: C:\Adam\utils\inscribe\Lgi.dll Offset: 0x3D (GApp::Run)
00411D6C: C:\Adam\utils\inscribe\Scribe.exe Offset: 0x158C (ScribeWnd::MailMerge)
7C816D4F: C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll Offset: 0x49 (RegisterWaitForInputIdle)
24/05/2005 12:46pm
I've reproduced that here and I'll fix it in a future release.