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Author/Date Delphi Error Dialog - nearly fixed!
24/05/2005 9:08pm
The error dialog I used to get in Delphi and C++Builder when using v1.88 seems to be mostly fixed in RC4. It doesn't appear every time I move the mouse over a Delphi window anymore, but it does appear when a new message arrived. I had scribe minimised to the tray and when its icon started blinking to indicate a new message the error dialog containing a single period appeared.

24/05/2005 9:29pm
Oh no! It does still seem to happen when the mouse is moved over the Combo box at the top of the Delphi/CBuilder Object Inspector window.
If does happen far less often - it used to do it every time - now it only does it sometimes. I can see no pattern to it. I can move the mouse between two points, one in the combo, one outside and 4/5 times the error dialog will not appear.