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Author/Date couldn't open a connection to the server
23/06/2005 8:16pm
I'm using iScribe V1.88 rc4. I was previously using 1.88 test5. Had no problems with test5 or with rc4 after I first installed it. everything worked fine. Just today I find I cannot SEND email. I get an error dialogue box saying "Couldn't open a connection to the server". The log file reports Socketerror(10053):Software caused connection abort.

I can still receive mail with no problem.
I tried scribe on another PC using same email account and credentials - works fine.

I rebooted my PC - no difference.
I reinstalled test5 - no difference

Can anyone help please.
23/06/2005 8:41pm
sorry - please ignore. I have discovered it was my error - new version of viruscanner was blocking unknown programs from using the port.