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07/07/2005 8:43am
I have some questions about the current imap implementation.

[1] Ability to synchronize choosen folders.
[2] Ability to choose what to download by default: headers/body/attachment
[3] Ability to choose if you want to cache what has been downloaded.

These three shortcomings almost got my fastmail account closed because of all the imap clients I've tested the default has been to download just the headers. (As I've understood it that is kind of the idea with imap - to just download what you want thereby saving bandwidth).
Anyway when I was trying out the latest scribe I suddenly got blocked because scribe had (me unknowingly) started to synchronize my whole mailbox (like 500 mb). That was not the worst part but when I restarted scribe it started from the beginning again obviously discarding what was downloaded the last time.

But if you don't take the above points into consideration it felt like scribe is closing in to being a usable imap client. Are anything of this considered to be implemented in the near future?

best regards

08/07/2005 12:04am
I definately have wanted to add caching for a long time now but there is a lack of infastructure in the existing code base to support that. And well I'm working on v2 supporting caching out of the box, so as bad as the imap support is in v1 I think I'll wait for v2... seeing as I have to implement caching there anyway. It'd be annoying to have to do it twice.
08/07/2005 7:28am
ok. then you are aware and working on it.

question. v2 is there a timeframe here? I mean is it scheduled to be released this year or is there no planned release date (if you understand what I mean). just wondering?

08/07/2005 11:28am
I haven't got a fixed time frame in mind. I do have a working code base for v2 but it's pretty primitive. I could release it this year, but like I said it's not going to be better than v1 until next year in any case. I'd give it a good chance of coming out around oct and taking till feb/mar 06 to be stable.