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18/07/2005 7:39am
i was thinking it would be handy to have a (de)select-all button in the "preview mail on server" window.
But there are 2 actions (download / delete) so you would need 2 (or even 4) buttons. With the 6 buttons already there that would look very complicated and cluttered for a "simple" action like preview.
So i thought maybe some type of button on the "field-names" bar.
I clik on the |download|.....


I already knew you provide exeptional support, fret, but this was the fastest ever! I just had to think of it and it was there, amazing.
18/07/2005 7:43am
It also works to select all if nothing is selected.

Someone thought of that for me... I just made it work.
18/07/2005 9:51am
I wonder...
is your goal to be comprehensive in the help files, or is size an important consideration?
(for leaving out small things like this)
18/07/2005 11:54am
Put it this way, there are some nice little "finds" for those who look :)