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22/07/2005 1:54pm
I just bought a license of Inscribe, because I wanted to manage multiple accounts. Now I am a little bit frustrated, because I can't get Inscribe to work as I want to.

I am using V1.88-rc5 with the SSL-Plugin from

I cannot send and I cannot receive eMails via SSL/TLS. When I try to receive mails, I get something like that:

* OK mail Cyrus IMAP4 v1.6.24 server ready
A0001 OK Completed
A0002 BAD Unrecognized command

When using Thunderbird, there is no problem. I tried to send a message via SMTP (TLS-Port 25). I only get the message: "Couldn't connect to server" (Konnte keine Verbindung zum Server aufbauen -> in german)

Well, my second account doesn't work too ( It doesn't support CRAM MD5 for sending. But it's possible to access the IMAP folders. But everytime I start Inscribe, it takes about 30 minutes until I can access the Inbox.

When I try to change my preferences, it takes so long to select one of the tabs. Horribly!!!

After exiting Inscribe, I always get "Inscribe exiting...Waiting for 'xxxxxx'". I only can click "Kill" several times.

Sorry, but actually I am very disappointed. In early versions of Inscribe other problems appeared, so I updated to this RC.

I hope my problems can be solved.

22/07/2005 11:14pm
Ok well, this is not good and I'll make this my first priority now. I have a new release ready to go, so I can incorperate some fixes for you quite quickly.
23/07/2005 2:00am
I need to ask a few questions about your setup to be able to direct my efforts to help you.

Firstly, SMTP-TLS is sometimes not on port 25. Sometimes they use port 465 or 587, or even something else entirely. So unless your service provider has explicitly told you to connect on port 25 you should try those other ports for sending.

If you can give me all the details about your servers and logins, minus the passwords I can try and reprduce the problems at my end and then I can fix things or tell you what settings to put into InScribe.

The IMAP implementation is does not cache data. With a large mailbox it is next to useless at the moment. I'm working towards fixing that. The best I can offer is to use IMAP(fetch) in Scribe and leave mail on the server. At least that way you don't have to wait around for it but you can still get new imap mail.

The preference pane pause is caused by some new code I added to make things resize depending on the font size. On some machines this has a problem and runs very very slowly. On other machines it's lightning quick, so much so you don't notice it resizing everything. This is a fairly new issue, although one I know about and I plan to fix it when I can reproduce it here. It's currently being worked on.

The problem with exiting is caused by one or more accounts still having a connection to the server. In the case of an IMAP connection thats still downloading mail it could hang the exit or if a SMTP or POP connection has gone awol it can do that too. If you click cancel, go back into the status panel and check which account is still connected then you will be able to tell me what type of connection is cause the exit procedure to hang. That would be helpful.

I will do my best to make sure we can solve all these issues.
23/07/2005 2:03am
Prefs panel bug entry.
23/07/2005 3:07am
Sorry I forgot to ask in a previous post, which operating system are you using?