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29/07/2005 8:21am
Hey fret,
i thought i would check out the BugDB section since i found a bug, but i made a mistake.

I attached some gif's to illustrate the problem, but i did not realize my email adress was on there. Now i cannot remove the attachments anymore.
Can you help me out?
29/07/2005 11:18am
I can't delete them either it seems.

Also there appears to be an effort to make email addresses obsure so that spammers can't havest them [easily].

Is that what your worried about?
29/07/2005 11:21am
I thought of something, I can change your email address to something else... you won't be able to get notifications or what not but at least your main address will be safe.

Let me know if thats what you want. Maybe if you have a throw away webmail address then you could still use bugzilla and get mail from it.
29/07/2005 12:05pm
the email adress provided in bugzilla is a 'public' email adress i use that may be harvested. It's just the screenshot attachments of my main account that i would prefer not be available to everybody.

(you could just delete the attachment files on the server
good.gif, and bad.gif)
29/07/2005 10:49pm
I've deleted the attachments.
01/08/2005 7:11am