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Author/Date Test 10 doesn't work on Win98 & ME
30/07/2005 8:46pm
I've hold my horses until now, thinking I wasn't the only one using Scribe on a Win98 machine, so I wouldn't be the only one to complain. But test 10 doesn't run on Win98 FE and SE, and WinME, I notice. Clicking scribe.exe doesn't do anything. Just nothing. Am I really the only one? If yes, then I will have to upgrade my OS with an illegal copy of XP. Or start using my MiniMac everyday and loose Scribe.
Hm, that's some dillema.
30/07/2005 9:41pm
I don't test on win98 till something goes wrong... I'll fix whatever it is in the next release.
29/08/2005 8:16am
This is fixed in test12.