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03/08/2005 9:06pm
I opened up Inscribe today and to my dismay the majority of my messages are blank. I have about ten sub-folders under my inbox and the first five folders,including my inbox all the messages are completely blank and all of them say "0 bytes(no date). The other half of the messages are normal.

The folders.mail2 file looks to be the right size( 2+MB ) and I tried it with a fresh copy of test10 and got the same results.

Please tell me I haven't lost half my messages. I have been using scribe for a couple years now with about ten different pop accounts.

This happens using version 1.88 test10 on M$ WinXP SP2.

Any help would be much appreciated.

-- Phillip
04/08/2005 12:00am
There is a known bug that looks a lot like this. When you click on a folder and some or all of the email show blank. But when you restart the client and go to the same folder again the items are ok. Can you confirm whether this is what your seeing? Or is it something new?

If restarting the client doesn't fix it there is 2 courses of action that we can take. The best course of action is to get a copy of the mail folders to me (it's quite small so that should be easy) so that I can load it in a debug build of the client and work out what is wrong very quickly.

Secondly if that is not an option we can get a trace build to you which outputs a whole pile of debug messages while loading folders and will narrow down the problem to a few lines of code.

I await your reply.
04/08/2005 12:22am

I sent the folders.mail2 file for you to examine.

I have tried restarting the client and looking at the folder but still get the blank result.

Thank you for looking into this.

-- Phillip
05/08/2005 12:45am
I had a look at the corruption and sent you the missing mail as attachments. I'm not entirely sure how that happened but I'm keep an eye out for that in the code.
05/08/2005 7:56am
Thank you so much fret, but I have still not recieved the email. How big were the attachments? I emailed you with an alternative address.

-- Phillip
08/08/2005 12:30am
I've resent the email to both addresses, the attachments aren't too bug, like make 30k each or something.
09/08/2005 12:03pm
I opened the client today and all of the email (70+) that appeared to by corrupted with the "0 byte" error were back to normal, accept for the two messages the you recovered and sent me. I am relieved to to say the least. :-)

I am guessing that this was partially just the showing blank email bug. As for the two truncated messages, I not quite sure how that happened. I would like to thank you for taking the time to look into this.