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05/08/2005 9:44am
I have written a small program that changes the Current Identity in the scribe.r file to default, and then starts scribe.
This way, when i forget to change back after sending an email with a different identity (different send email adress) at least it does so when i start scribe the next time.

I don't know if Fret is planning to give this option in scribe in the future, but with his permission i would be happy to share this program (exe and/ or delphi code) with anyone interested.

let me know if i am the only one that has regularly been sending from the wrong adress for a few days.
05/08/2005 9:54am
probably win32 only i'm afraid
08/08/2005 12:20am
I don't mind you distributing it.
08/08/2005 10:11am
Well then, if anyone is interested drop me an email:
exosceleton AT