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Author/Date 1.88 Test 11 keeps crashing when using SSL
25/08/2005 12:08pm
When I want to retreive email from Gmail with the SSL plugin, it can not (at first) access gmail (red dot in front of my Gmail account). When I try to retreive the email (by clicking on Receive), Inscribe crashes while downloading the messages and gives this error:

Unhandled Exception
Code: c0000005

Call stack:
25/08/2005 12:14pm
Have you updated the ssl plugin as well?

Please download any plugins you use at the same time you update scribe.exe
25/08/2005 12:16pm
I get that error too, but I'm not using SSL
25/08/2005 1:01pm
I wanted to update the SSL plugin after I installed Test 11 but noticed it had the exact same size. Just to be sure I replaced the file with the latest version, but i still get the same error. I don't know if it is the SSl plugin (since sometimes the normal accounts cause a error to).
25/08/2005 3:09pm
i get the error too, but only when updating test 10.

a clean install runs

opening old mailfolder, no problem

copying old .r file and
restarting: crash
25/08/2005 3:12pm
the clean install crashes when account info is entered and recieve is pressed.

25/08/2005 11:05pm
Ok there was a build problem with the plugins, I think they are all the same as test10. So I've fixed that and uploaded the correct builds of the plugins. The ssl plugin is now 41k instead of 20k.

Scribe.exe should be ok... I tested test11 with the new build of the SSL plugin connecting to Gmail and it worked fine instead of crashing.
26/08/2005 6:31am
Thanks fret! Everything seems to be working fine again!
26/08/2005 6:33am
PS test12 has an important crash fix, but the plugins are the same as with test11.