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20/07/2002 5:28pm
Does anyone know where I can get more skins...and how does one go about making his or her own...

23/07/2002 7:15pm
The skins at the moment are just remakes of the icons in the graphics files that come with Scribe. You can edit them directly and restart Scribe and it will load up the edited images for the toolbar buttons and icons.

The toolbar buttons are 24x24 pixels and the other icons are 16x16, so as long as you stay in those boundries for each icon you'll be fine.
25/07/2002 9:54am
Does the transparent color matter?
25/07/2002 6:58pm
The transparent colour is what ever you put at 0,0 or the top left corner.
21/08/2002 11:39am
Are all of the _icons.gif pics 16x16? I'm trying out a new skin, and when I put some of the items as 16x16 (namely the send/receive/inactive 'bubbles', the exclamation, the flag, and the replied/forwarded arrows), they get a bit cut off or overlap.
21/08/2002 7:29pm
The toolbar graphics are 24x24 and the icons are 16x16. If you use a tiling editor like i.Mage then it makes it much easier to see where each bitmap starts and ends.