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Author/Date folders.mail2 still big after deleding 500 emails
22/09/2005 3:23pm
I made a backup of all my emails so I could delete a lot of emails to save space on my memory stick. After deleting about 500 emails (530 in total) the file folders.mail2 is still 85mb (the same size as before). I also deleted everything from the spam and trash. Does anyone know how to reduce the size of that file?

Thanks in advance,
22/09/2005 8:47pm
Have you used the option 'compact folders', found under 'file' in the main menu?
23/09/2005 10:22am
Just tried that but it only recovers 5MB
25/09/2005 4:41am
Well thats all there is to recover then.

You can track down size usage by right clicking on folders and selecting properties. The sub-folders sizes are listed there.
26/09/2005 5:23pm
Don't forget to clean out your SENT folder also.