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Author/Date How to add multiple accounts
24/09/2005 8:56pm
Just purchase comm version 188 test 12. Can't seem to find where to add more than one account... Account tab is up and nowhere to add or delete account. Any help appreciated.
24/09/2005 9:00pm
Firstly have you downloaded and installed the InScribe build of the software over your i.Scribe install?
24/09/2005 9:11pm
I did not try the i.Scribe. I purchase InScribe and was directed to download via link with reg code.
24/09/2005 10:23pm
Ok you should be able to open the options using File->Options, click the accounts tab and then click "Add" to create a new account.
24/09/2005 10:32pm
thanks.. that did it.