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Author/Date help! (v1.69)
21/07/2002 8:33pm
have just downloaded the 1.69 version, run it and...
it seem s that there is no "edit control" (text box) on the "Text" tab in the "Mail Message" window. It just doesnt show up. I can see blank tab only. It is everywhere - no matter how i open the mail message window.

running u.Scribe v 1.69 on WinXP.
21/07/2002 11:45pm
Go into your settings, there is a option in one of the last tabs where you can change how to view documents, change this back and forth and it should work.
22/07/2002 10:44am
it worked, thanx! :)
22/07/2002 11:35pm
Yeah thanks, I had the trouble as well.